With an aim to set up the FIRST and BEST facility of micro-tubes in India, Vikas Altech boosts of a truly world-class facility, comparable to tube manufacturers in the world.

Being a manufacturing-process intensive project, utmost care has been taken to ensure that each equipment has been chosen from the top of the class manufacturer of such equipment in the world. At the same time utmost care has been taken in developing the right capabilities to run such a plant.

Vikas Altech is proud to present this facility to its customers.

The equipment has been selected after critical evaluation of Global sources, utilizing extensive knowledge and benchmarking of similar facilities globally.

  • 2750 Ton Extrusion press from Korea
  • Induction heating furnace from Japan
  • Zinc Metallizing equipment from U.K
  • On Line ECT(Eddy Current Test) equipment from Japan

Utmost care has been taken to select all ancillary equipment and utilities from leading suppliers.