Director's Message

With the successful commissioning of the Micro-tube manufacturing facility at Ranjangaon, Pune, Vikas Altech Pvt. Ltd (VAPL) becomes the first of its kind manufacturing facility in the country and has the potential to support the large and growing heat exchanger industry in the country. This has been a significant step towards localization by the VIKAS Group. Needless to mention that it required huge efforts by the team, in addition to the financial commitment by the Shareholders. I take this opportunity to place on record my heartiest congratulations to the entire Operational team of VAPL for a commendable job in executing the project.

A significant part of the project was also the localization of the critical Raw material, the Aluminum Billets. This was a major challenge and the company has made significant progress in establishing the procurement of Billets of the highest Quality, in the process closely working with the supplier manufacturing team. The facility is now completely integrated, from billet cutting facilities, extrusion and tube cutting to customer-required sizes.

The company is now in a position to offer Tubes with special Alloys to meet the stringent requirements of customers across various market segments. Our customers would get benefitted through short lead-times for their developments as well as work on specific sizes, best suited for their applications, without having the need to adopt sizes that are readily available with overseas suppliers.

We will continue to enhance our organizational capabilities by developing and engaging our talent towards our success factors of Innovation, Market Agility and Financial prudence. At the same time we will continue to develop a "culture of execution" with speed. We will continue to leverage the significant talent pool available within the VIKAS group, while using this as an opportunity to provide growth opportunities for our people. One thing that shall always remain constant is the entrepreneurial spirit, which has been the driving force behind PVL growth and success.

The cycle of current economic slowdown would continue to pose various challenges for any business. We recognize the brutal facts that we could be would be confronted with. Driving efficiency with relentless pursuit towards excellence would be the key. Pranav Vikas management teamwould continue to be vigilant in order to successfully weather any rough terrain ahead.

The VIKAS Group's core ideologies of challenge, innovation, wisdom & harmony together with suitably empowering our people, are likely to prove invaluable in successfully steering Vikas Altechinto the future.

We will continue to be focused on our purpose of providing human comfort by providing innovative heat-exchange solutions, which shall be done including all the stakeholders collaboratively.